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Focus: Fiber 2014 - 2015
A National Contemporary Art Show

September 26, 2014 - January 18, 2015

Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA

Over $2000 in Awards and Prizes
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Upon receipt of check, entry will be processed.


Focus: Fiber

Presidents' Award ($1000) - Heather Ujiee, H Ujiee
Dorothy Ceruti, Katherine Dunlevey, Jane Hammond, Karen Hinkle, Ruta Marino, June O'Neil, Kathie Roig, Ann Rosenbluth, Martha Young
Benchmark Award ($250) - M.E. Ware, Power Suit for Modern Mothers
Brent & Martha Young
R Ricketts
A Kessler M E Ware
Mary Ann and Jack
Katzenmeyer Award ($250) -
Rowland Ricketts,
Untitled Noren Partition #24
Mary Ann and Jack
Katzenmeyer Award ($250) -
Adam Kessler,
Human Fan
E Eibel
Pat Catan Award ($100) - Emily Eibel
Night Watchman -- Pem -- Still Life

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